Apsara Massage - Staff Wanted - Sydney Road Brunswick

Job Type Casual
1日シフトできる方を探してます。もし難しい場合は朝10から4時の朝勤と4時からラストも相談次第可能です。無料wifiもありますのでYouTube やお勉強もできます。スタッフルーム有です。
最低リラクゼーションのマッサージができる方を探しています。Lomi LomiとDeep tissueは経験なくても大丈夫です。

Text: 0407635724まで。

Looking for massage staff for our busy shop in Brunswick.

We are open from 10:00am to 10:30pm Sunday to Thursday.

We are open from 10:00am to 11:30pm Friday and Saturday.

So we are looking for staff who can work a 12 hour shift...

You will only get 1 or 2 days per week to start....

Of course you will not be working for 12 hours straight...We provide a staff room with lounges and free WiFi, so you can relax, watch youtube or study etc during the day...even sleep if need be...

You must be able to provide at least a relaxation massage. Further training can be provided for Lomi Lomi and deep tissue if you are not experienced.

You will be paid 40% commission on all massages provided.
Suit students or experienced massage staff.

To arrange for an interview:
email: enquiry@apsaramassage.com.au or
text: 0407635724