Japanese Qualified Tutor on the GC

Learn Japanese from a qualified and experienced teacher who is fluent in English

はじめまして! My name is Ai. 愛(あい) means "Love" in Japanese. Teaching language is my passion, something that I LOVE. As a qualified Japanese language teacher, I really enjoy teaching that makes me always happy.

I have been spending a few years living in Canada and Australia. I was born in Aichi prefecture, my home town is not a city but it has a balance of nature and residential areas like here on the Gold Coast. I have lived in Tokyo for over 10 years then I moved to Canada - it was my very first time overseas. I started relearning English from the beginning. I struggled with it for a while, however, I really enjoyed learning not only the language but the life lessons along the way too. So, I can understand the feelings of a learner well from several aspects due to my experiences overseas.

Beginners are more than welcome! Let's learn Japanese from zero ;)
Do not be shy, learning must be fun. Accept the challenge!

I have taught lessons in language schools in Japan and Australia. I empathise with students and teach in a variety of ways that maximises the learning experience. It also brought me a suite of education techniques that ensure that students learn well.

Materials will be provided or you can bring your own. I have GENKI, Minna-no-Nihongo, JLPT, Japanese-for-busy-people and Japanese-from-zero.

Language School / Teacher
・Teaching group classes and private lessons of Japanese language
・Cross management communication to facilitate classes
・Preparing materials in alignment with curriculum standards

IELTS Online School / Instructor
・Providing online IELTS lessons, counseling and support for students.

I am flexible to arrange the lesson schedules, your requests or questions. Feel free to contact me :)
I travel to Southport, Surfers Paradise, Broadbeach, home visiting or can be negotiate.
Private/Group Japanese Qualified Native Language Tutor on the GC